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Kogilban Road, badakanshirada village

Dandeli-581325, Taluk-Haliyal, Dist: Karwar, KARNATAKA ,


TEL: +91-9886911255   

E-MAIL:  pantherdandeli@gmail.com

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Panther Jungle stay

--  Jungle Resort  -- 


Panther Stay Resort is a jungle stay resorts in dandeli, karnataka with different types of jungle side stay, and it is located in the forest area 5km from the dandeli, Karnataka, India. The dandeli resort surrounded by three sides of forest and one side is open field and it has small trees and small pond besides. We offer well furnished rooms, tents and separate dining hall. We provide activities like tug pool archery, rain dance, shooting, camping light music, jungle trekking, campfire and sightseeing (it is based on customer requests).


Tariff & accommodation @ Panther Stay

Above Tariff Include

  • One night two days stay

  • 01 Lunch, 01 Dinner (VEG-nonveg)

  • 01 Breakfast

  • Common Campfire

  • Jungle trekking 

  • Rain & Falls Bath

  • Zip line

  • Burma Bridge

  • Archery

  • Pond boating

  • pond kayaking

  • Cycling 

  • Indoor and out door games

Six 6 Sight seeing Places

By your Own transportation

  • Disney park.

  • Back waters view

  • Moulangi

  • Supa Dam

  •  Syntheri Rocks

  • Vajra Falls

Extra Paid Activities

By your Own Trnasportation

  •  Jungle safari Rs 450 per person 

  •  River rafting Rs 500 for with in km,

  •  River rafting Rs 1200 for 3 to 4km  

  • River rafting Rs 1350+transpoartaion for 9.5 km

River Rafting Depends upon water level

Four Bedded Rooms

Rs 2200 per person ( two person in room)

Rs 1800 per person (Four person in room)

Rs 1600 per person ( six person in room)

Eight beddeds

Rs 1600 per person

(five or six person in room)


Rs 1400 per person

(With common wash room)