Natural Jacuzzi Bath

Panther Stay Resort Dandeli and Dandeli resorts are gateway to silence and an oasis for those who like to soak in beautiful environments
and the thick dense forests with rich biodiversity displaying the flora and fauna in its full bloom.

Natural Jacuzzi Bath in Dandeli

Panther Stay Resort Dandeli and Dandeli resorts boasts of offering a number of sports and sightseeing activities.

This is one of the most natural kind of healing therapy used by the Dandeli resorts and Dandeli hotels to attract the tourists. The water which flows down from Supa Dam takes the shape of the river known as Kali and She splashes the water on the black stones and cheat rapids at many places. At some places the water and create rapids at many places great places the water starts spraying with great force and when you sit at such a place under a sunlight in nature, the water hits your back and give a kind of message to your body. This would be a relaxing one if you opt such an activity. This activity could be done by all age group of tourist to take part because trained guide take you to this spot in a boat and guide you all the way.