Panther Jungle Stay Dandeli
Canyoning in Dandeli


Panther Stay Resort Dandeli and Dandeli resorts are gateway to silence and an oasis for those who like to soak in beautiful environments and the thick dense forests with rich biodiversity displaying the flora and fauna in its full bloom.

Panther Stay ResortDandeli and Dandeli resorts boasts of offering a number of sports and sightseeing activities.

This is going to be more thrilling than any other even in Dandeli adventure camp. Preferably youngsters enjoy this a lot and only adults can take part in this, it covers lot of risk while canyoning.You are going to climb up or you are aksed to rust down the valley. This becomes more tougher when you are challenged to undergo the activity when water will be hitting you constantly on you. Always our people are there to guide you and help you. Once you take part in this adventurous activity of Dandeli you can surely certify yourself as daring.


White Water Rafting in Dandeli


The rivers taking birth at intractable locations, roaring and meandering in to rapids and water falls giving a spectacular sight mesmerizing the wonderful ambience of the natural wilderness. The ample facilities provided by the forests department,

Rappeling, Dandeli


This sporting activity is a bit risky event. Adults who are claring enough can go for this activity in the wild forest of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. You are taken to the cliff mountain of the Western Ghats and you are allowed climb down the mountain with only a support of a rope. .

Coracle in Dandeli


Coracle is a weak boat made by tribal fishermen basically. This is prepared by a bamboo and on the base of this coracle they apply a water proofing of paste. Earlier days these fisher men used this for fishing and some times to cross the river.