Panther Jungle Stay Dandeli


Panther Stay Resort Dandeli and Dandeli resorts are gateway to silence and an oasis for those who like to soak in beautiful environments
and the thick dense forests with rich biodiversity displaying the flora and fauna in its full bloom.

Kyaking in Dandeli, Karnataka

Panther Stay Resort Dandeli and Dandeli resorts boasts of offering a number of sports and sightseeing activities.

River Kali has provided many things for those who want to be in the womb of mother nature in Dandeli & enjoy the beauty of it. Canoe (a small boat) is provided to every individual and you are along and you are taken to such a spot where the river takes the shape of the reservoir. You have the sail all along in it and get a chance of visiting small islands. A watch will be kept on your movements and if you are in need of some help immediate help will be provided.