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Get An Adventurous Experience By Taking River Rafting In Dandeli

Dandeli river rafting is one of the popular outdoor activities that many people highly love because it provides a thrilling experience. Nowadays, Dandeli river rafting is not only holding its popularity but is considered an adventure activity by locals and international tourists. If you are an adventure geek, you must discover the thrill of Dandeli rafting by visiting this sport.

Get marvelous experience

First, this will lift your spirit by providing a great experience of white. No wonder it is the ideal destination for all thrilling opportunities that will last your lifetime. Before going river rafting in Dandeli, it is better to take the proper guidance provided by the experts. It will offer clarification and guide you to get a better experience with the activity. Also, read the online reviews to enjoy your adventurous life.

Risk-free rafting experience

However, Dandeli river rafting is always special for both locals and international travelers because Dandeli rafting is something that will provide a great experience to everyone that you should not miss. Taken as a whole, it is one of the best places in India that lets you enjoy white water rafting and provides a great adventurer experience. Now there are many options available that facilitate unique and improved choices, offering you Better River rafting in Dandeli.

Know more about Dandeli River Rafting

Kali river is the lifeline for all river rafting activities in Dandeli. Stretching up to 12 km, this river is covered with dense forests and dotted with several grade 2 and grade 3 rapids. These rapids make river rafting in Dandeli a truly exhilarating and adventurous memory. If you choose to go for the 12 km rafting excursion from end to end it can last up to 2 to 3 hours.

What you must know:

Dandeli river rafting depends largely on the release of river water from the nearby dams. During rainy seasons and when water levels are low Dandeli river rafting booking is suspended. The best time for river rafting in Dandeli is from November till February.

Panther Stay makes all the arrangements for the tourists. As there are no locker rooms available near the rafting starting point, we ensure that you are provided with a comfortable stay with us. We ensure all your belongings are kept safe and secure while you enjoy your river rafting experience.